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How to use solar power bank?



1. Place the solar power bank in the sun to charge. The green light is on indicating that it is charging. When the solar energy is good, the charging time will be about 12 hours to fully charge. The charging time depends on the intensity of the sunlight. Then connect it to your phone to charge it.

2. When charging the solar charger with household electricity, the indicator light turns green and it takes about 8 to 10 hours to fully charge. The indicator light goes out to indicate that the battery is fully charged. Then connect it to your phone to charge it.

Precautions for using solar power bank:

1. Try to keep the storage temperature of the product between 15 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

2. If the product is used in an overheated or overcold environment, even if the product itself has remaining power, it may be temporarily unable to operate.

3. Never throw the product into fire as it may explode.

4. Do not expose the product to liquid or suffer strong impact.

5. Do not drop, knock, disassemble the equipment or repair it yourself.

6. Dispose of discarded electronic products in accordance with local laws and regulations.

The advantages of solar power bank: energy saving, environmental protection, safety, convenience, long life and wide application. There are no post-operation costs and it saves electricity. It is a green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving energy source vigorously promoted by the country.

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